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About Us



Commitment, highest technology and craftsmanship. These three words exemplify Denim Fashion. With over fourty years of experience in the field, we at Denim Fashion have been commited to serving our customers in both the denim washing and creating fashion garments for several world brands. This commitment has resulted in the addition of several new and innovative items to our product line. Incorporating the input of our customers with the capabilities of our research and development departments, Denim Fashion has created products for world brands that satisfy the demands and requirements of today's market as well as the latest changes in technology.

Denim Fashion has earned its fine and growing reputation both nationwide and worldwide due to our commitment to the highest standards of technology and quality control.

All of Denim Fashion's extensive line such as denim pants, denim shirts and skirts are produced at our manufacturing plant in Günesli, Istanbul with 1000 employees on 14.000m2 with a manufacturing capacity of 300.000 units per month. In April 2006 our second manufacturing plant with 10.000m2 will be providing service to our customers. We produce products for world brands with highest quality materials, stringently inspected and designed to last through many years of usage.

Commitment, highest technology and craftsmanship have broughtDenim Fashion to forefront of our industry. We would like to Express our appreciation to our customers for their continued support and suggestions which have contributed to our position. In return, Denim Fashion remains committed to maintaining the high integrity, high standards, superior products, competitive pricing, and dedication to customer service for which we are known and respected.

OUR VISION- To keep our personel in a safe working environment

- To ensure permanent quality in the line of customers' pleasure

- To follow the newest technology innovation and apply them

- To use technical approaches and methods during the decision phases

- To base all processes and application on environmental awareness



To maximize customers satisfaction in our profession by understanding customers' expactions by keeping high quality standarts and using proper technology and effort.